School Thanksgiving Fun

At Roxborough Elementary they have a special Thanksgiving school lunch where they serve turkey, mashed potatoes, a roll, cranberry sauce and usual some kind of special dessert. It's a sort of tradition for parents to show up and eat lunch with their kids at the cafeteria on that day and I think I've participated almost every year since Andrea was in first grade.

Anyway, so Nadia and I joined Sophia and her friends for lunch. The food was, well, school food of course. But it's always nice to see my kid during the day.

Nadia especially enjoyed going to the big kids school. Our elementary is divided into two locations. One building is K-2 and the other is 3-6, so Sophia and Nadia are in different buildings. Nadia got to go to recess after lunch with her big sister and was in heaven as all of Sophia's friends paid attention to her and pushed her on the swings.

On Friday the kindergarten had their "Thanksgiving Feast" where they wear Pilgrim and Indian hats and they get to prepare some food. They do things like make butter by shaking cream in little jars, or pumpkin pie in a cup (pumpkin, pudding, vanilla wafers). My station was vegetable cornucopias - vegetable sticks with ranch dressing put inside of an ice cream cone. Cute idea, but I was supposed to let the kids help cut the vegetables - with real knives! Yikes! They didn't realize I guess that I am way too much of a worrywart to let the kids handle the knives on their own. So I just let them push down on my hand which was holding the knife. Funny thing was I think I was assigned the same station for Sophia's kindergarten feast.

Anyway, kindergartners are cute. Here are some pictures. They are from my cell phone so the resolution isn't the greatest.

P.S. Just in case someone doesn't realize this, when I post these Flickr slideshows you can view them in full screen by clicking on the little icon with arrows on the bottom right. Also, if you click on the slideshow itself you'll be taken to flickr where you can download a picture in its original resolution.


We had a fun and busy Halloween this year. On October 24 the elementary school had a Halloween carnival. The kids got to ride ponies and play in a jumping castle and go to a "Haunted House". The guy who brought the ponies let Sophia and her friend lead the ponies around for each other.

On Halloween I had an orchstra concert. It was a children's concert so all of the kids got to come. We played Harry Potter and a piece called "The Composer is Dead" that has narration by Lemony Snicket that goes with it. It was actually pretty funny. It was a fun concert and I'm glad all of the kids got to come.

Andrea dressed up all of the American Girl dolls in different outfits. There was Dorothy, a cowgirl, a balleria and some others. Sophia and especially Nadia thought that was pretty neat.

In the evening Dave, Sandy, Marisa, Avy and Max came over to trick or treat and Andrea's friend Sarah stayed with Andrea and helped pass out candy. We had so many trick-or-treaters that we ran out of candy even though I had three Sam's Club bags worth. I thought for sure I bought way too much this year, but I guess not!

Luckily by Saturday evening the sun had melted most of the snow off of the sidewalks so trick-or-treating was pretty pleasant. It wasn't even very cold. We had a nice time, ate lots of food and candy and played Mario Kart.

Enjoy the pictures.