Nadia's Birthday

Nadia is not letting me do my usual procrastination thing. She wants me to post this now!

We had her birthday party yesterday. We ended up doing a dance party at the a local rec center. The dance teacher ended up being Avy's ballet teacher, so that was kind of fun. I think all of the girls had a really great time.

On Nadia's actual birthday she wanted to have a big decorated cookie instead of a cake. I ended up making too much frosting, but instead of throwing it out I decided to load up the cookies with tons of frosting - just the way Nadia likes it. It was pretty sickeningly sweet for my taste, but Nadia enjoyed them.

The cookies here are actually my second attempt. The first attempt I stupidly tried to bake on a foil covered pizza stone that I have, thinking that might work pretty well. But, instead the cookie grew over the sides of the pizza stone and leaked all over the bottom of the oven. Then that dough caught on fire. Dave and I had a heck of a time trying to put out the oven fire and all of the smoke alarms throughout the house were screaming. I had to send the kids out in the garage in the car to get away from the noise. That may have been my worst cooking distaster ever, maybe second to the time I let my mom's pressure cooker get too hot and it blew off the top and sprayed split pea soup all over the kitchen.